The Story.

Derek Kistner of Ink and Wood designed and built the first model of the teeter totter to surprise his one-year-old niece Paloma on Christmas. As soon as she opened the wrapping paper, her eyes were filled with wonder and excitement as she stepped in and started rocking. He wanted to inspire creative and imaginative play for his niece while also creating a beautiful piece for his sister's home. He watched proudly while Paloma discovered a sense of balance, independence and confidence in her own play abilities. She rocks like a crazy toddler would, and daily. Sometimes she sits her stuffed animal friends in to ride with her. Sometimes she convinces her mom or dad to ride too. But one thing is for sure - this is her most favorite toy ever.

The Paloma Teeter Totter is a family business now - run by Derek, his sister Rheanna, and the help of a few close friends.

Rheanna Martinez